What is Z-Day?

...and how can I survive it?

Z-Day is a term which represents the epitome of any natural or man-made disaster you wish to survive. For some people, Z-Day may be a catastrophic financial crisis, for others it may be an earthquake. Some people may see a hurricane as their Z-Day, for others it may be war.

Z-Day was originally derived from the military term D-Day - the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated, or more figuratively, the day upon which some significant event will occur or has occurred. In your case, Z-Day is when you're put to the test; when a disaster has occurred, and your chances of survival is going to be significantly affected by the learning and training you've done.

We believe survival is well within everybody's capability. Through learning and practice, you can become a more independent, self-reliant person; you will not need to rely on a system to survive, should the worst happen. Our motto is simple, and we truly believe it:

From flooding to famine, earthquake to epidemic, you have the ability to Survive Z-Day.