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People no longer know how to survive

If you’re hungry, you go to a supermarket or restaurant. If you’re thirsty, you turn on a tap. If you’re cold, you go indoors. If you’re scared, you call the police.

  • If there were no supermarkets or restaurants, how would you eat?
  • If water no longer ran from taps, where would you find it?
  • If there were no buildings in sight and the temperature was close to freezing, how would you get warm?
  • If someone was chasing you, how would you escape?

I am John. I wish I had read this before everything changed.

What’s this all about?

Certain events have occurred sporadically across the world since the beginning of mankind; events which have shaken and in some cases completely destroyed many civilisations, some of which were at their peaks.

These events were natural disasters.

2004 - Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

In 2004, a series of devastating tsunamis, with waves up to 30 meters high, hit the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean. Over 230,000 people were killed across fourteen countries, and over a million were left homeless. Nearly all the victims were taken completely by surprise, and in the aftermath of the tsunami, epidemics and food and water shortages were of immediate concern.

2005 - Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the central Gulf Coast states of the USA, killing at least 1,836 people. The most significant number of deaths occurred in New Orleans (population of over 450,000 prior to the disaster), which flooded as its levee system catastrophically failed, submerging 80% of the city in flood waters. Reports of looting, carjacking, murders, thefts, and rapes in New Orleans flooded the news, as panic ensued shortly after the hurricane moved away.

2011 - Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

In 2011, an earthquake occurred off the east coast of Japan, triggering a powerful tsunami with waves up to 40.5m in height. Over 15,800 people were killed, and the tsunami caused a series of nuclear accidents, resulting in evacuations of over 200,000 people, the leaking of radioactive materials, and ongoing concerns regarding the safety of nuclear power.

We teach you how to survive

Disasters occurring in recent history have had an astronomical effect on many people in many nations. Although mostly people have been able to recover in time, we have yet to see a disaster that we truly cannot recover from.

But what if such a disaster were to happen tomorrow?

Through reading the content on this web site you will learn how to survive, should the worst happen. From flooding to famine, earthquake to epidemic, you have the ability to Survive Z-Day.

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